We help brands become ‘Ueber-Brands’ – priceless and timeless.  Brands that move beyond the material and instill meaning through their organization, communications and manifestations.  They seduce, rather than sell, develop a myth and shine from the inside-out.

Do you want to take your brand to that higher, ‘Ueber’ level?   —  We’d love to help you and your organization on that journey.  Whether you just need an inspirational talk, support in developing your brand strategy and/or business model or you want our help bringing your brand mission and myth to life in market – Send us a note below and we will get in touch with you.  And check out some materials and testimonials below and across our site that showcase our work.


Materials, Reviews, Testimonials, Links:

“You could take several years, try various approaches, spend a ridiculous amount of money and still end up with a crapshoot.  Alternatively, you can work with Ueber-Brands who will, through a combination of concrete examples and high-energy delivery, show you that prestige branding can be distilled to some fundamental yet essential elements. 

The Ueber-Branding toolkit and methodology is enriching, dynamic and especially thought provoking.  Doubters and jaded marketers quickly become believers and even advocates.  JP gave our team deep insights, a common vernacular and a powerful set of tools that everyone can be aligned with and that will guide our brand and business to new heights!”

Andrew Hyncik, VP Marketing
ZEISS Vision Care

Some of the questions we help clients answer on their way to Ueber-Brand status.

Some slides from a workshop at the American Marketing Association in Austin, Tx.


Current and past corporate clients include Abbot Nutrition, Braun, Coty, ExxonMobil, Hershey’s, Kering (Puma), LEGO, Merck Vision Care, NIALL, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo (Izze/Naked), Smith & Norbu, …

Smith & Norbu site and funding pitch video