Ueber-Branding Methodology-Overview

The objective is to develop effective, feasible and sustainable ways in which a brand can accrue ‘meaning beyond the material.’  This will allow the brand to become peerless and priceless in the mind and experience of key stakeholders – influencers, consumers, employees.

Key Steps and Outcomes 

  • Deep dive into the brand history and DNA to update/derive a relevant and desirable mission and/or relating and engaging elements of a brand’s myth.
  • Understanding of the concept of ‘Ueber-Target’ (vs ‘consumers’) and definition of that target for the brand and of ways to ‘activate’ it.
  • Review of the holistic brand experience* and extract defining and iconic elements/rituals to create, use, celebrate.
  • Lay out a ‘Brand Truth,’ that is to come to life over time and across touch-points accounting for capabilities, capacity and capital available.
    (*product, pack, production, service, organization, language, in-store/on-premise experience, etc.)

UeberBrands methodology Mission Myth Truth v1Approach

  • We usually play the role of expert-moderator and adviser who will study your brand and organization and have an informed opinion, but
  • we will guide the client team to develop and judge ideas and plans – because they have to be convinced to truly own and execute them.
  • Our intervention can be as simple as inspiring clients with our unique perspective on how to elevate brands and the best-in-class case studies used to illustrate it.
  • But we usually do hands-on workshops customized to help the client work out strategies and plans to build and grow their brand.
  • If desired, we can take over idea development, planning or execution through experts and agencies in our network .

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